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A deeper way
to experience & share.

We made it simple to discover people – as amazing as you are.
Beautiful, easy-to-use interface. Smart, interactive infographic map.
Helping you discover breathtaking stories from all over the world.

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A faster way
to become a star.

With Sociasta, you don’t need a huge follower base to get noticed.
Showcase your lifestyle and activities. Join all the communities you want.
You can do whatever you choose. In a blink of an eye.

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A smarter way
to get inspired.

With no celebrity or business profiles, Sociasta ia a home
only to the real people, sharing real emotions and experiences.
Enabling you to uncover genuinely inspiring personalities of today.

  • Benefit 04
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A way
to regain control.

With so many apps not respecting the preferences of their users,
Sociasta ensures you get to set the rules, and control the game.
Allowing you to connect to the world, on your own terms.